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Up for a Challenge? Sail a Windrush 14

easy to sail
easy to transport
easy to rig single handed
easy to handle on your own
well established at many clubs
biggest 14ft cat class in Australia
low maintenance, high durability
low cost


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Windrush 14 Catamaran

Fast and fantastic and pure pleasure

 Racing or cruising a great boat to sail - The Windrush 14 catamaran is a fast racer and pleasure sailer. The whole family can enjoy racing and cruising in this highly versatile yacht. It can be trailed behind the family car to your favourite sailing beaches and yacht clubs then quickly rigged for hours of fun.

The Windrush 14 is the right size to be transported, rigged and sailed single handed but can carry two adults plus two children making it ideal for a young active family.


Race it one of three ways:-

Cat Rigged: Mainsail only with Skipper only
Sloop Rigged: Mainsail and jib with Skipper and one crew
Super Sloop: Mainsail and jib with Skipper only and trapeze

Try a new sport - make friends - have heaps of fun

The Windrush 14 is raced at a number of clubs in WA (see the CLUBS and LINKS page for details).

All clubs have training programs and experienced Windrush sailors willing to help you learn and will welcome you into their sailing programs and social activities.

Come and try sailing a Windrush 14 at a local club - contact us at (or on 0400 226 836 (Perth), or at any of the clubs on the links page).



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